Delivering premier service with the highest level of quality and maximum savings

Midwest Behavioral Health Network, a division of New Avenues, Inc., delivers customized behavioral health provider networks and administrative services for the management of behavioral health benefits.

Who do we serve?

  • Self-insured groups
  • Managed care entities including HMO and point of service
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Employee trust health plan groups
  • Employers with integrated EAP and self insured health plans

Behavioral Health Benefit Administration Products:

  • Midwest Behavioral Health Network (MBHN)  - a registered behavioral health PPO -network access only- credentialing and contracting according to NCQA standards, will build network anywhere to support a client’s program
  • Integrated EAP and behavioral health benefit administration programs
  • Utilization Review including comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs for parity environments, Medical Director oversight and 1st level review
  • Comprehensive behavioral health benefit administrative services - MBHN network, utilization review, case management, claims re-pricing or claims adjudication services

Cost Containment and Risk Management Features:

  • Dynamic Risk Management program including post hospital follow-up, case management of high risk cases, special protocols
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Provider Network featuring BCBA and ABA facility and home-based provider credentialing and contracting, utilization review and case management protocols
  • High Risk Case Management
  • Disease Management for depression and substance abuse
  • Staff comprised of highly seasoned psychiatric nurses and licensed masters level social workers
  • Identification and stratification of high risk persons with co-morbid medical conditions
  • Medical Director who is a board certified psychiatrist, together with psychologist and psychiatry peer reviewers handle all first level denial determinations and appeals
  • Electronic interface with TPA for eligibility, claims, and reporting

Incorporating MBHN into your health plan, provides assurance that members are receiving cost-effective quality treatment while achieving maximum savings and service.