Why Choose New Avenues?

New Avenues is a behavioral health management company that provides highly accessible and distinctive employee assistance and work-life programs, behavioral health services, and specialized business solutions. Our success is measured in consistently outstanding patient satisfaction surveys, outcomes and the longevity of our relationships. New Avenues has a 35 year history of service and a record of accomplishment in the marketplace.

Because we provide your clients with:

  • “White Glove Service” – you are putting your clients in safe and reliable hands for competent management of benefits programs and high quality service
  • Affordable and customized solutions for employers of all sizes and priorities
  • Cost containment solutions for the parity environment
  • Large network of behavioral health providers close to employees’ homes or work places
  • Reports and data that give critical information about utilization trends
  • Cost Savings- typically, the MBHN network solutions result in 35-50% savings on claims billed within a client’s health plan
  • Turn-key implementation
  • Easy interface with third party administrators
  • Full suite of communication programs
  • Face-to-face liaison and collaborative relationship with broker, payors, TPA and client.


  • Over 90% of Members report satisfaction with their New Avenues / MBHN experience – referral assistance, service quality, case management outreach, and network choices
  • Over 96% of Providers report being satisfied with administrative staff courteousness, responsiveness, timeliness, care management availability, and staff professionalism


  • 98% of calls are answered by human voice within 30 seconds. Daily, members express high levels of satisfaction and gratefulness for the opportunity to talk to professional staff who care about them and make telephonic interactions easy and responsive.


  • 80-90% of members enrolled in Point-Of-Service plans use MBHN In-Network providers because of the choices, proximity, and reputation of MBHN Network providers.
  • Health Plans achieve 35 -50% savings offbilled charges exceeding discount PPO network arrangements – reducing health plan costs and employee out-of-pocket expenses.

Examples of the savings achieved by Client Health Plans in 2011:

  • A school system with 7500 employees and their dependents, offereing a managed care plan in which MBHN administered behavioral health benefits, saved $400,000 off of $770,000 in billed charges for behavioral health inpatient and outpatient care over a 12 month period – this translated into a 51% savings.
  • A manufacturing plant with 6500 employees and their dependents saved over $800,000 on $1.5 million in billed charges for inpatient and outpatient behavioral health representing over a 57% savings.
  • A government entity with 2200 employees and their dependents saved over 37% off billed charges; kept outpatient and inpatient utilization and claims under $100,000 by positioning an EAP and training in their program as an early intervention measure. The EAP is widely accepted with over a 10% utilization.
  • A healthcare entity with 2700 employees and their dependents saved over 36% off $225,000 in billed charges.
  • A manufacturing entity with 800 employees and their dependents with an 8 visit EAP program, had less than $25,000 in billed charges for behavioral health conditions under their health plan expenditures. Although this was an unusual year with no inpatient admissions, it demonstrates the value of EAP services that can address a wide range of adjustment issues outside of the health plan.


  • 2011 geo-access study for over 55,000 HMO member showed 99% of members have in-network options within 30 miles of their home or work.

Risk Management and Cost Containment Strategies:

  • About 6% of enrollment use behavioral health benefits – the vast majority of members utilize outpatient care. Average number of sessions for outpatient care is 6.5 visits; over 90% of members complete care within 20 visits. New Avenues performs utilization management based upon data driven algorithms for medical necessity to ensure that members are receiving effective care based upon industry best practices.
  • Less than 1% of the enrollment will incur 35-45% of behavioral health costs. Charges for an average inpatient stay for a behavioral health disorder are in the range of $11,300 as opposed to average charges for an outpatient case at under $900 per episode of care. Aggressive case management efforts are made to engage members with serious behavioral health conditions to participate in treatment and case management.
  • 2011: robust case management efforts to ensure post hospital follow-up for patients with serious behavioral health conditions resulted in 71% of patients being seen within 7 days of a hospital discharge, 88% were seen within 30 days.
  • Readmission Rate in 2011: New Avenues' aggressive case management resulted in less than 6% readmission rate within 30 days of discharge, which is lower than the national readmission rates for commercial plans.
  • New Avenues has specialized case management programs designed for members with depressive mood disorders, high risk serious behavioral health conditions, autism spectrum disorders, and workplace performance issues.

Why Choose New Avenues? Because New Avenues delivers value!

For More Information & a Quote:

Contact: LouAnn Dobbins, Coordinator of Business Development
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