As we grow older, how do we maintain our health and retain our vitality and active lifestyles?

You will find answers and guides in this section’s articles,

  • Understanding and successfully managing the aging process,
  • Staying healthy and fit.
  • Information on retirement, lifelong learning, grand parenting and volunteer activities.
  • Do you plan to extend your work and or career?  If so, you may be interested in the articles regarding the mixing of four generations in the workplace.
  • Consult this section for government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and to find your local and regional resources on aging.
  • Need to find out about housing options for the elderly or home care and care givers?  Look here.
  • Coping with the unique challenges of being a Caregiver.
  • There are helpful articles and an online training, too that discuss loss and the grieving process.

We hear so much today about the need for balance in our lives yet most of us are at a loss as to how to achieve it. How can we manage the multiple and ever-changing priorities in our lives, meet family, work, social and community obligations, control stress and live in balance?

  • Check out this section for information on personal growth, setting goals and coping with change.
  • Are you surrounded by clutter? Read about how to de-clutter your life and your mind as well as how to get organized.
  • Feeling angry, overly anxious or depressed? Take a confidential self-assessment.
  • Have you ever wondered about your Emotional IQ? You can take a self-assessment for that, too.
  • Want to build your understanding of common stressors that can affect your personal and family quality of life? Your  relationships?
  • There is very supportive help when coping with grief and loss under many circumstances– even the loss of your loved pet.
  • Are you or a loved one struggling with a substance abuse issue? If so, you can access the link to Medline for detailed information on addictions and recovery; there is also a link to SAMHSA for a location listing of treatment facilities.

Help Dealing with daily decisions and challenges

  • Do you need a will? 
  • Are you thinking of buying a truck but wonder how much you can afford?
  • Has someone in the family been a victim of a scam or had their identity stolen?
  • “Should I be renting or affording a mortgage?”

This module is rich with information and resources to help you and everyone in your immediate family deal with daily decisions and challenges.

  • Simple legal templates that can be downloaded.
  • Dozens of financial calculators are available to help you make purchasing decisions. You can answer your questions like “How much car can I afford?
  • “Know Before You Buy” advisories on consumer goods such as cell phones, electronics, cars, health and medical products
  • Consumer Saving Center with coupons, discounts, & tips for saving time, energy and money;
  • Check out the home improvement guidelines;
  • Get solid information on buying and selling a house as well as what is involved in moving.
  • Personal, work, and travel safety;
  • What to do if you have been the victim of fraud or identify theft.
  • And get suggestions and options for travel and leisure time.

Check it out – you will be amazed!

Are you an expectant or a new parent?  Considering adoption? Even if you have years of on-the-job parenting experience, you will find interesting articles, tips and links to all kinds of topics to help be a more informed parent. Here are just a few examples:

  • Ensuring A Healthy Pregnancy,
  • Child Developmental Stages And Well Being,
  • Single Parenting,
  • Step-Parenting,
  • Foster Parenting
  • Parenting A Special Needs Child.

You can access Medline Plus: Family Issues to learn strategies for dealing with all sorts of challenges that present themselves in a family.

Legal Forms: Do you need a legal authorization form granting temporary guardianship for the care of a minor? Or a form to formally request the start of the special education process?Download them here.

Having trouble talking to your teen? Take advantage of our online training to secure tips on “Effective Communication.” These materials and more can be found in this section to assist you in your role as a parent.

How would you like to create your own personal health profile or determine your risk for diabetes?

  • You can do it here by taking the confidential assessments under “Assess Your Health.”
  • You can also examine your life/work style through a series of assessments to determine if you are physically fit,
  • Find out how well you cope with stress or if you are in career burnout. How is your emotional health or how well do you manage pain?
  • Find out under the Symptoms/Conditions assessments.
  • There are numerous articles and resources on a variety of health and wellness topics including living healthy, eating healthy, children’s and adolescent’s health, men’s health, women’s health, senior health and health challenges.

Are you currently working or wanting to advance within your organization or your chosen field?

If so, this is the place for you. This robust module contains dozens of articles, tips, and resources as well as online seminars and “Skill Builder” training modules to assist you in managing your work life and in reaching your career goals.

  • You can take self assessments such as “Career Motivation,” “Goal Setting,” and “Conflict Management.”
  • Read articles on balancing work, family and care giving, Dealing with Difficult People, Surviving Office Politics, Eliminating Wasted Time, Delegating, Developing Assertiveness, and And Becoming a More Effective Communicator.
  • Online seminars include topics like social networking, dealing with bullying and hostility in the workplace.
  • You can develop your leadership skills, learn to manage projects, and improve business etiquette, conversation and email skills with individual training modules.
  • Are you looking for work or thinking of changing jobs or careers? There are several articles on Resume Writing, Job Search and Interviewing Tips, including specific resources for first time job seekers, older workers and those interested in non-traditional career options. Additionally, this module contains material on diversity, workplace productivity and safety.