Specialized Business Solutions

Purchase Only the Services You Need: You may purchase any single or combination of services knowing that those services will be delivered by competent and experienced staff and partner consultants with whom New Avenues has earned its reputation of excellence and trust.

Customize Your Program: Our uniqueness is that we understand yours. New Avenues respects your company’s culture, environment, policies, politics, and people. We realize that your needs may change due to circumstance.

Regardless of the size, structure, or composition of your organization, New Avenues will offer a solution for Behavioral Health issues you may encounter in your workforce.

Single Employee Referral for:

  • Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation
  • Focus-on-Success Management Referral - Counseling, coaching and accountability
  • Executive or Managerial Coaching

Workforce Effectiveness

  • Training Programs
  • Team Building
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Organizational Support for Mergers, Acquisitions or Reduction-in-Force
  • Wellness Initiatives