Our Services

Employee Assistance – Work-Life Balance

Comprehensive employee assistance and work-life balance services promoting employee well-being and productivity. Thirty-five year reputation for white glove service built upon a foundation of face-to-face counseling, a financial counseling component, integrated online and personal consultation for childcare, elder care, consumer decision-making tools, financial and legal guidance, wellness and healthy lifestyle. Our EAP differentiates itself with the strong “Focus on Success” Management Referral program for disciplinary and non-disciplinary management referrals, and responsive customized training programs. New Avenues has several options of EAP programs as well as A la Carte fee-for-service options. Maximum savings achieved with integrated EAP and behavioral health insurance program. Can cover all employees in multiple sites.

Managed Behavioral Health Administrative Services

Behavioral health benefit management administrative services for self-insured, HMO, employee trusts, and managed care plans. Focus on risk management, premier service, cost containment, and quality of care. A carve-out of behavioral health benefits to MBHN offer preferred provider network, utilization review performed by experienced behavioral health specialists, case management for high risk cases, depression disease management, and Autism provider specialty network and benefit management. Also, claims re-pricing or full processing, technology interface with medical plan TPA. Deliver 35-50% savings in your health plan.

Midwest Behavioral Health Network PPO

Specialty behavioral health preferred provider network called the Midwest Behavioral Health Network (MBHN); includes all behavioral health specialties and facilities, private and public agencies, multi-specialty groups, private practice independent practitioners, including ABA and BCBA Autism specialty network. Can be contracted for as a separate network only or bundled with comprehensive benefit management services. NCQA compliant credentialing program.


Wide range of organization development training programs to promote employee effectiveness, organizational success, change management, and compliance programs. Includes Violence Awareness, Civility in the Workplace, Stress Management, Reasonable Suspicion training, Managing Effectively Mergers, Acquisition, and Downsizings, Healthy lifestyles and Wellness programs. See the New Avenues Training Catalogue.

Specialized Business Solutions

Organizational Development Solutions -Single Event- Single Case Referrals for coaching, Management Referrals for disciplinary or non–disciplinary reasons, fitness-for-duty evaluations, mediations, consultation, training programs, critical incident response.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical incident response to organizational crisis events such as robberies, acts of violence, explosions, workplace  accidents, sudden death of employee, or major disasters. Professional response at your site - help when you really need it!

Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations

New Avenues acts as a neutral third party to arrange Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation with a psychologist or psychitrist experienced in occupational evaluations answering questions as to employee's ability/readiness to perform essential job functions with reasonable skill, safety and judgment. Full set of consent forms, protocols, designated Care Manager to coordinate the referral process, reports, and feedback.


Targeted short term management/executive coaching to address specific skills to improve career or job performance.