Driving Outcomes and Quality

Commitment to Quality: Our commitment to quality performance manifests through our values, our service culture, the courteous and knowledgeable daily interactions of our staff with members and providers, and the outcomes achieved. We believe that company performance can be measured through various metrics examining access, service, satisfaction, outcomes, and process. We continually monitor the performance of our duties to members, providers and our corporate clients and strive for continual improvement. We are proud to report the following metrics:

Clinical outcomes in 2011:

  • Improvement: 84% of members reported that their relationships, emotional health or work focus improved as a result of their treatment services.
  • 69% of patients discharged from a hospital with a mental health condition were seen by an outpatient professional within 7 days of discharge; and 88% of patients discharged for a mental health conditions were seen within 30 days of discharge – an important step in averting relapse and readmissions.
  • Case management resulted in less than 6% readmission rate within 30 days for persons discharged with a mental health disorder – far below national averages.


  • Provider Access: Geo-access studies show that 99% of 55,000 members have access to behavioral health professionals within 30 miles of home or work.
  • 95% of members report getting an appointment within a satisfactory time peroid.


  • New Avenues reports an average of 35-50% savings off of charges for annual in-network provider claims.
  • Generally, over 85% of members in point-of-service plans use in-network options.

White Glove Service

  • 98% of calls are answered by a friendly professional within 30 seconds.
  • 96% of providers report being satisfied with the administrative staff's courteousness, responsiveness and timeliness; 100% reported satisfaction with care management availability, courteousness and professionalism.
  • Over 95% of member concerns are acknowledged within 5 days; over 90% of member concerns are addressed and resolved within 20 days of notification to New Avenues.
  • 90% of practitioner applicants to the provider networks conclude the credentialing/contracting process within 60 days of New Avenues receipt of their completed application; over 95% are credentialed with in 90 days of application.
  • Account Services: In 2011, New Avenues provided over 750 hours of on-site training, critical incident response services, consultation, benefit fair participation, account liaison and other services to our EAP corporate clients in addition to providing 7000 face-to-face employee counseling visits and handling over 200 complex workplace management referrals.