MBHN Member Section:

Having a Personal Care Manager

Case management services are available to all of our members who are living with serious behavioral health conditions and would like assistance on a personal and regular basis.

New Avenues believes in the importance of outreach to members who are living with serious behavioral health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, victims of trauma, persons with substance abuse problems, and families of children with autism spectrum disorders.

The Purpose of Case Management is to assist our members with personalized help to improve the quality of life and recovery in their health conditions.  We want to see members enjoy life. And we want to help members achieve a reduction in symptoms, experience lower levels of distress and frustration, and discover improved health and satisfaction with family and work relationships.

Care manager services involve a licensed social worker or psychiatric nurse calling   a member over a period of time to encourage and support treatment success. There is no cost to the member for a MBHN Care Manager to call or send materials to the member. A Care Manager is there to help a member in many ways such as being ready to;

  • Answer any member or family member questions or address any access to care concerns;
  • Encourage each member to follow the treatment recommendations prescribed by one’s provider(s),
  • Provide assistance with navigating community and treatment resources available.
  • Coordinate care with all providers and the individual’s primary care physician,
  • Provide information and tools to empower individuals to self-manage their condition and find solutions,
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices,
  • Engage positive family support whenever possible, and
  • Above all to intervene early so that each individual has the best opportunity to recover.

Our professional care management staff is ready to offer assistance to persons with behavioral health conditions affecting their work performance, social or family role performance, and sense of well being.

If you or a member of your family would like any assistance or information about a behavioral health condition, please contact the MBHN Care Management Department at 800-223-6246.

We are here to help.

Attached is a form for giving us permission for Case Management, for Authorization for the sharing of information with your family doctor, family members, or others you would like involved in your care.

Member Consent for Case Management and Release of Information PDF