Our People

Since its beginning, New Avenues has been guided by one very simple principle: customer service.  We believe that our clients are entitled to the best service possible.  Our ability to satisfy this goal depends largely on New Avenues greatest asset—its people.

Our staff takes pride in the New Avenues organization and derives satisfaction in work well done. Our employees are friendly, cooperative, compassionate, competent and responsible people with a mutual commitment to excellence. This contributes to the unique culture at New Avenues that puts the needs of our members first.  Indeed, our employees work here because they share wholeheartedly in our mission and are committed in the goals and success of New Avenues. 

We Live our Values  

We are committed to:

  • Upholding the integrity and trust upon which we were founded;
  • Training and supporting our valued team of employees;  
  • Respecting the professionalism of providers;
  • Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all members whom we serve;
  • A belief in the strength of the individual and the family; viewing each individual as having capacity for resolving issues within one’s work, family, and social context;
  • Offering the public a broad range of choice, expertise, and trust of the professionals credentialed and approved to participate in the Network;  
  • Delivering service and high degree of satisfaction at all levels of interaction through compassionate, personalized, and respectful business relations;
  • Responsible, timely, reasonable, and honest handling of claims, authorizations, and fees;
  • Ethical clinical case management under the direction of a psychiatrist; with input and review by a formal committee of professionals from the region; maintaining the highest professional standards of our profession.
  • Establishing relationships, partnerships, and collegiality with whomever we work such that the goals of our many stakeholders are accomplished through association with us.



Chairman:  Dot Feldman, LCSW, MBA, Founder, New Avenues, Inc.

President:  Michael Carr, MBA

Secretary:  Kay Grask, LCSW, Founder

Treasurer:  Anthony Berardi, Ph.D., HSPP,  Founder, Private Practice

Chief Executive Officer: Mary Kowalski, MS, LCSW

Medical Director: Kearn Hinchman, DO

Chief Financial Officer:  Patricia L. Teverbaugh

Credentialing and Quality Improvement Committee

Kearn Hinchman, DO, Medical Director, Chairman, Private Practice

Jonathon Graber, NP, Veterans Administration Clinic

Catherine Maxwell, PhD. HSPP, Private Practice, Riverwalk Associates

Geoffrey Samora, LCSW, F. Geoffrey Samora & Associates

James, Schalliol, MD, Private Practice

Hugh Van Auken, PhD., HSPP, Private Practice 

Andrea Karweck, Psy.D, HSPP, Memorial Children's Hospital Pediatric Multi-Speciality

Mary Kowalski, MS, LCSW,  Chief Executive Officer

Robin Staples, Administrative Coordinator of Care Management Services and Provider Relations

Patricia L. Teverbaugh, Chief Financial Officer