Why Have an EAP?

Benefit from Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Services

The 2016 SHRM Employee Benefits report indicates that 77% of employers surveyed offer an EAP.   According to the U.S. Department of Labor (2010), for every dollar invested in an EAP, employers save anywhere from $5 to $16.  An Employee Assistance Program will partner with an organization to provide comprehensive behavioral health services that are remarkably cost-effective.   Having an EAP can help a company to:

 Ensure a Productive and Safe Workplace

 Attracting and retaining good employees is a strategic objective and a major concern for employers in all business sectors.  Which incentives and benefits will attract desirable employees and what can an employer realistically afford to offer?  At the same time, business leaders are faced with growing and alarming incidences of violence, harassment and disrespect.  To achieve maximum efficiency, productivity and harmony, an employer must ensure a safe, secure and respectful workplace.  Failure to do so will certainly lead to serious legal ramifications. This is where an Employee Assistance Program can be invaluable. 

Attract and Retain New Employees

Millennials currently make up 32% of the workforce; by 2030, it is estimated that number will increase to 75%. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).  There are seminars and workshops conducted around the country and innumerable books and journal articles all purporting to explain the Millennial generation and how to work with them. Of their many characteristics, we know that Millennials

·          are interested in, no demand, work-life balance;

·          place a premium on health, wellness and fitness;

·         recognize the mind, body, spirit connection and are generally accepting of and willing to access behavioral health counseling and related services.  Moreover, they are inclined to actively seek assistance when needed.     

 Satisfy a Wide Range of Needs

Work-Life Balance and Wellness

 Offering a full-service EAP as a company benefit will go a long way in providing employees with information, tools and resources toward achieving work-life balance and meeting their wellness (mind-body-spirit) goals.  The EAP offers a menu of services and resources to satisfy a wide range of employer and employee needs including

·         face-to-face counseling with an option for telephonic counseling;

·         a Resource Center available online and telephonically containing a wealth of information and referral sites for topics like health and wellness with options for biometric screenings and coaching, parenting and family life, eldercare, retirement, legal/financial, daily living and much more;

·         workshops for employees and supervisors covering dozens of topics related to wellness, work performance and personal goals;      

·         EAP participation in company health and benefit fairs.

Safety and Security

An EAP can provide employers with seasoned professionals ready to

·         train supervisors and managers to recognize, prepare for and effectively deal with issues like substance abuse, workplace violence, harassment, bullying and disrespect;

·         conduct compliance training for supervisors and employees in these same and other essential topics;

·         work with employees exhibiting troubling behavior through a Management Referral Program whereby employees may be evaluated by a qualified mental health provider who will follow-up with treatment recommendations.  The troubled employee is assigned a case manager who will coordinate care and serve as contact person for the provider, employer and employee.

·         provide a Critical Incident Response team of trained trauma counselors who will meet with and support employees at an employer’s site following a traumatic event; 

·         offer employers unlimited consultations with EAP professional staff regarding behavioral health concerns.

 Learn More

To learn more about the inherent value of an EAP and the corresponding return on investment, contact: New Avenues at 1-800-731-6501 or 574-232-2131.  www.newavenuesonline.com