MBHN Member Services

The Facts:

  • About 1 Million employees miss work each day due to stress
  • Mental Health conditions are the 2nd leading cause of workplace absenteeism
  • Each year, in an office of 20 people, 4 will suffer from a mental health problem
  • One in 150 children is now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Workers who abuse drugs cost their employers 2 times as much in medical and workers compensation claims than workers who do not abuse drugs
  • Depression is the 2nd leading cause of disability in the United States
  • People who receive treatment for depression are 2/3 less likely to miss work days due to illness
  • Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accident, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide
  • Suicide is one of the top 15 causes of death in America

The good news is that there is highly effective and cost efficient treatment available. Mental health problems actually have better treatment outcome rates than the vast majority of common medical conditions, including heart disease.

New Avenues Care Managers work diligently each day to help people access proper treatment. We realize it is difficult to make the call for behavioral health concerns. Our staff is selected and trained to provide courteous, respectful and compassionate care. This is the hallmark of New Avenues.

Member Services highlights:

  • When a member calls, he or she speak to an experienced behavioral health Care Manager who is a licensed psychiatric nurse or masters level social worker knowledgeable in behavioral health, and the levels of care indicated
  • Care Managers provide members with referral assistance based upon personal or family needs, practice setting preferences, and geographic considerations
  • Standard appointments are available within 10 days of a request for services; care managers will arrange for urgent and emergent care.
  • Providers are available within a variety of settings including private practice offices, multispecialty groups, community agencies, and hospital settings.  New Avenues MBHN network is extensive and offers members choice and convenience. In a 2011 geoaccess study, over 95% of HMO members in Indiana had access to outpatient care within 30 minutes and 30 miles of home or work.
  • 85-90% of members with point-of-service policies use in-network options finding local providers with solid reputations and proximity to their homes or workplaces
  • Care managers are on call during all non-business hours to assist members with emergencies and to perform inpatient utilization reviews
  • New Avenues has designed diagnostic protocols for ADHD psychological testing to assist families and pediatricians with assessment needs for children with suspected attention deficit problems
  • New Avenues is experienced in administering a wide variety of health plan policies including HMO, point-of-service, union trusts etc. Each health plan policy has its unique features; New Avenues has the flexibility and information technology resources to quickly assist members in understanding their benefits and network options

Member Satisfaction:

What members say about their New Avenues/MBHN experience…

“Our counselor has been a tremendous help to our family. His professionalism and skill are wonderful. I hope to return to him if future problems arise.”
“The staff at MBHN was great. Our son needed help during a very tough point in his life and the Care Manager really helped me find the right counselor to reach him. Thankfully we are back on track.”
“This is a very hard call to make, but the staff at MBHN were always available, courteous, empathic and patient. I am glad that I sought the help I needed.”
“My counselor was helpful. I needed someone not related and not a friend to listen and be objective.I was quite frazzled with the family situation at the time and felt like I was losing my mind. I feel competent and confident again.”