"Focus on Success" Management Referrals

Case Management for the Workplace

New Avenues specializes in case management for challenging, difficult, and sometimes politically sensitive employee, executive, and professional work performance issues.

In an average year, New Avenues handles over 200 cases - employees who were referred by Human Resource or administrative officers for disciplinary and non-disciplinary reasons.

Personal and family problems can affect people at all income levels, and all occupations. Those problems eventually can affect work performance.  The Focus on Success program goal is to help employees be successful in their jobs and careers. New Avenues is there to facilitate giving an employee an opportunity to obtain confidential assistance to improve their work performance. New Avenues acts as a neutral third party to coordinate the referrals, provider selection and communication, and to share information, subject to consent, with the employer to establish compliance and accountability.

These are typically the most sensitive and time consuming personnel issues involving corrective actions for workplace conduct or policy violations, employees demonstrating disruptive, unacceptable or troubling behavior, fitness for duty evaluations, impaired professionals, and potential liability situations.

  • Counseling, coaching, and accountability for the Employee who has demonstrated workplace behavior or performance problems.
  • Focus on Success Comprehensive Workplace Case Management Services including referral to appropriate professional(s), consent for release of information and job problem documentation forms, coordination of treatment, oversight of the process as a neutral third party,and compliance reporting.
  • Designated Case Manager, an experienced licensed social worker is the communication point person for all parties.
  • Highly trained network of providers experienced in assessment and treatment of occupational –workplace performance issues.

Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations

  • Psychiatric and psychological assessments, risk assessments of psychological conditions that may have bearing on an employee’s ability to perform essential job duties.
  • Fitness-for Duty evaluations for employees demonstrating uncharacteristic behavior, conduct or threats.

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