About Us

New Avenues is a behavioral health management company that provides highly accessible and distinctive employee assistance and Work-Life programs, behavioral health services, and specialized business solutions. Clinician owned and operated, New Avenues is intent on caring for both the individual and the organization. Our success is measured in consistently outstanding patient experience and in the longevity of our relationships. With over a 35 year history of service and a record of accomplishment in the clinical marketplace, New Avenues delivers a culture of empathy, trust and service that drives employee job satisfaction, productivity and well-being.

New Avenues welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

  • New Avenues serves over 250,000 lives who are enrolled in employee assistance, behavioral health programs, or organizational development services known as our Specialized Business Solutions.

  • About 130,000 employees and family members are covered under the employee assistance program and work-life programs from healthcare, education, municipalities/government entities, manufacturing/distribution/construction, banking and service industry sectors.

  • Another 120,000 persons are covered under behavioral health benefit administration services using the Midwest Behavioral Health Network through enrollments in HMO, carve-out, self-funded programs, point-of-service, Medicare Advantage plans and integrated EAP and behavioral health programs.

  • The New Avenues EAP and Midwest Behavioral Health Networks have become one of the largest privately owned behavioral health networks in the Midwest, contracting with over 2700 professionals. New Avenues has the capacity to service all 50 states and over 200 countries.

  • Member experience with surveys consistently indicate over 90% satisfaction.

A Brief Company History

In 1978, New Avenues Employee Assistance Program was founded in South Bend, Indiana by Family Learning Center partners, Dot Feldman, LCSW, MBA, CEO, Kay Grask, LCSW, and Tony Berardi, Ph.D., making it one of the earliest established programs in the nation.  Originally, the New Avenues EAP was delivered through their clinical practice at numerous Family Learning Center sites under a staff model.  Over the next 25 years, the EAP grew, expanded and diversified to meet the changing needs of its customers. As large employers and managed care organizations requested more service coverage in multiple locations, New Avenues evolved into a network model. A three year joint venture (’97-’99) with Ancilla Systems, Inc. merged the New Avenues highly-regarded EAP with Ancilla’s first class Midwest Behavioral Health Network, increasing the opportunity for integrated behavioral health programs. Ancilla Systems, Inc.’s decision to change its corporate priorities led to an amicable buy-back (’99) by the original New Avenues owners. In 2000, Michael Carr, a human resource executive and the former liaison partner from Ancilla, became an equal partner and Executive Vice-President of New Avenues. The owners and staff are committed to innovations in helping people and companies find dynamic, integrated solutions for optimizing productivity and well being.