The challenges and stressors in life today are greater than ever.

We all strive for work-life balance but it's not easy. Sometimes personal, financial and family problems disrupt our world and we are not sure what to do. Your employer understands this and is offering the New Avenues EAP to help you resolve troubling concerns. Through the Employee Assistance Program, you and family members in your household have access to:

  • Confidential, solution-oriented counseling or coaching at no cost to you.
  • Financial counseling and information
  • 24/7 access to a wealth of information online covering a wide range of health, wellness and work-life balance topics
  • Consumer savings center.

New Avenues is here to assist you and your family members along your path to well-being.


What is the New Avenues Employee Assistance Program?

The New Avenues Employee Assistance Program is a comprehensive service that includes face-to-face, telephonic, and on-line solution-oriented counseling, financial counseling and a wealth of on-line support resources designed to promote your health, wellness and work-life balance. You may find at times that circumstances interfere with your happiness, relationships, work or home life. The EAP is here to help you proactively manage these occasions. The EAP program is easy to use, confidential and at no cost to you.

With What Kinds of Problems Can the EAP Assist?

All of us at some time in our lives face difficult changes, transitions, or problems that create significant pressure and stress. It can be very helpful to get an objective viewpoint from a professional. EAP professionals assist with these kinds of concerns:

  • Life event changes
  • Unhappy marriage
  • Divorce or separation adjustment
  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Financial worries
  • Alcohol or drug problems
  • Child and Adolescent issues
  • Communication problems
  • Eldercare concerns  

What About Confidentiality?

The New Avenues EAP is completely confidential. When you contact New Avenues, your name and the details of your request will not be reported to your employer or to anyone in your family. No one will know unless you choose to tell them, or unless you give New Avenues written permission to disclose certain information. Your employer offers this confidential service because they care about you and your concerns but they don’t want to intrude into your personal issues. 

An exception to this would be in the case of an individual who would be a danger to self or others, New Avenues is obligated to report.

How Much Does the EAP Cost?

There is no cost to you or to your family members. No co-pays, fees, claims, or deductibles. The cost of this service is covered by your employer. If you need professional services that extend beyond the EAP, those services may be covered by your medical plan. If not, you will be responsible for costs of services outside of the EAP. It is important to note that you do not need to be a participant in your employer’s medical plan to use the EAP.

Who May Use the EAP?

 Eligibility is determined by your employer. Typically, employees and their immediate family members living in the household have access to the EAP.

Who Will be My Counselor?

New Avenues has a network of professionals often referred to as counselors or providers. These professionals include; experienced licensed psychologists, social workers, counselors and therapists. When you call New Avenues, we will match you with the provider who will best meet your needs. Appointments are scheduled at times convenient for you and at a location close to your home or workplace.

How Do I Access the EAP?

To start using your EAP, simply contact New Avenues at 800-731-6501. A Member Services Representative will take your call and arrange for a referral to an EAP provider. During non-business hours, our Care Managers are on-call to handle emergencies.

(Please allow 10-15 minutes on the call to provide us with the information needed to make an appropriate referral.) 

How soon can I see someone for an appointment?

Appointments typically are arranged within 3-5 days of your 1st call to New Avenues. For urgent concerns, we will arrange an appointment within 48 hours.

If you have a life threatening concern, call New Avenues today and a Care Manager will help arrange assistance right away.